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Schools' Sports

We are delivering fantastic multi-sports coaching programme across schools and community centres around Auckland. We would love you to be a part of it!

“Tryout in 30”  is a lunchtime break program provides opportunity for school kids to experience in organized sports, Basketball & Badminton.

The purpose is to grow interest of school kids in organized sports. Main focus of this initiative is to create an opportunity for school kids to experience different types of sport in a fun and interactive environment and provide opportunity for school kids to become more active as well as develop their locomotor skills.

ActiveAsian - Spike Spin Smash

This initiative aims to provide a platform for young people and families to play sport locally in a social, fun, ‘pick-up’, environment. This initiative runs for 20 weeks in the winter months (May to Oct) at the Synergy indoor sports club, a local multi-sport facility. The sports on offer include basketball, table tennis, badminton, and volleyball. The facility will provide equipment for the listed sports.

KiwiSport is a national initiative that aims to get more school aged children playing organised sport.

The three main objectives of KiwiSport are:

  • More Kids: Increase the number of school aged children playing organised sport
  • More Opportunities: Increase the availability and accessibility of sport for school aged children
  • Better Skills: Support children in developing skills that will allow them to participate effectively in sport throughout school and beyond.​​​​​​​

Please check out the list of schools that we coached in below. If your school is not there and you would like it to be, then please pass our details across to your schools’ sports department or principal. Our sessions are typically during school lunchtimes and are on a user-pay basis.

–       New Lynn Primary School
–       Green Bay Primary School
–       Fruitvale Primary School
–       Woodlands Park Primary School
–       New Windsor Primary School

Please contact our Operations Manager, David Guo, if you have any questions.

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