Play Sports

Basketball Casual Entry

Social basketball is happening every weeknight from 6 pm and all day on the weekends. Players are free to use the basketball courts however they like – whether it’s to shoot some hoops or team up with other players to create a game.

Price $7, No booking required.

Basketball Court Hire

We have 2 basketball full courts and 2 basketball half-courts. They are available to book per hour whether it be for training use or court privacy.

A full court costs $60/hour and a half-court is $40/hour.

Volleyball Court Hire

We have 2 volleyball courts for hire. Our full volleyball court is available on the weekends or upon special request on weekdays. The price for a full-court booking is $60/hour.

Our volleyball mini court is available Monday to Friday. Book the court for team training or for fun casual play with your mates. The price for a mini-court is $40/hour.

Volleyball Casual Entry

Social volleyball nights are here for some casual fun play. Players are free to use our mini-volleyball court to practice their skills or to team up with other players to create a game.

Price $8, No booking required.

Badminton Court Hire

Book a badminton court for $16/hour. We have 5 badminton courts in our badminton hall and 2 courts in our main basketball building. We also have 5 badminton wooden courts available on Saturday nights. On Saturday nights from 7 pm in our badminton hall, we have a badminton club playing and are welcoming those who would like to join.

Table Tennis

$5 casual entry to our table tennis room. Play as long as you like. Or book a table for $10/hour.